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process cooler industrial chillers manufacturer italy

High efficiency industrial water chillers

Fluid Coolers Fluid Coolers

Fluid cooler with adiabatic cooling system
High performance Fluid-coolers, modular air-water exchangers for industrial process cooling.

Temperature Controllers Temperature Controllers

Multizone temperature controllers TG ThermoGreen series for calanders extrusion lines thermoforming machines

Temperature control units for industrial process, single zone or multi zones temperature controllers.

Industrial chillers, process coolers, fluid coolers, temperature controllers

Green Box Srl is an Italian company that, thanks to its twenty-years experience and expertise in industrial cooling, designs, develops and manufactures any kind of cooling and temperature control equipment. Our products can assure optimal conditions for precise cooling and temperature control in all the processes for plastics products manufacturing, in the field of injection molding, extrusion and blow molding. All industrial chillers, free-coolers (fluid-coolers) and temperature control units presented by Green Box are tailor made thus designed to fit and fulfill the specific furthermore strict requirements of all our customers. The capacity of designing customized products and company's high flexibility, gives the chance to Green Box to be present also in other fields out of plastics like biogas, laser, mechanical tooling, chemical and pharmaceutical, food industry...
Green Box Headquarter


Greencasting die-casting temperature controller


Greencasting: patented die-casting temperature controllers

cos'è un fluid cooler free cooler greenbox

What is a Fluid Cooler?

The fluid coolers (free-coolers) are air/water heat exchangers, which cool water by using ambient air. Axial fans make the air circulate through the coil (s), with very low energy demand.


Euroguss2016 DIE-CASTING temperature controllers manifold GREENBOX


EUROGUSS 2016: GREEN BOX will exhibit at booth 7-272

i gas refrigeranti dei refrigeratori industriali non sono in phase-out

I gas dei refrigeratori industriali non sono in phase-out

(Ita) Regolamento sui gas dei refrigeratori industriali ..

Green Box industrial chillers testing room

New modern testing room

In combination with a renovation of the production lines according to the lean philosophy, Green Box has started a new modern testing plant..