A correct maintenance program for your industrial chiller or free cooler ensures:

  • Chiller system efficiency and reliability
  • Less breakages and downtimes
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Update of documents in accordance with current greenhouse gas legislation.

Description of Works


Green Box commits itself to carrying out 1 or 2 preventive maintenance interventions per year on the chiller or free cooler, which includes the following:

  1. checking, cleaning and replacing air filters, if required
  2. checking/restoring efficiency of fan belts
  3. checking/cleaning the condenser
  4. electrical inspections: checking absorption of motors; checking/restoring tightening torque of terminals; checking the condition of wear of contactor contacts.
  5. mechanical inspections: checking/restoring tightening torque of fastening of components
  6. checking hydraulic circuit seal
  7. checking refrigeration circuit operation
  8. checking refrigeration circuit leakages
  9. checking efficiency of alarms
  10. checking/cleaning the air bleed valves
  11. checking efficiency of the temperature probes

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