Green Box designs and manufactures a full range of chillers and temperature controllers

for water and fluid temperature management in industrial processes. Green Box is specialised in machines and systems for process fluid temperature control, its core business being plastic material processing.

Green Box designs, manufactures and installs complete industrial cooling systems. The basic criteria followed in defining requirements and designing are energy saving, customisation, long time reliability, high efficiency, maximum ease of use, excellent accessibility to all components, and modularity, through which existing systems can be easily expanded.

Together with its customers, Green Box searches for and designs solutions with a view to fully and constantly meeting specific needs, besides ensuring both technical and commercial support services through an extensive network of service centres.

More than answers

Why is Green Box    more than answers?

Reliability and Made in Italy?

Superior design and build quality that you can trust and rely on.

All Green Box products are designed and made in Italy

All Green Box products are designed and made in Italy, with maximum attention on quality using components from carefully selected suppliers, 100% reliable and quality approved.

Because GREEN BOX is more than answers.

If you trust only in the best quality and you want that your units and your plant be exclusively manufactured in Italy….

In the globalised industrial world we believe that the warranty we give for our products is determied by the controls we can do on materials and processes.
This is possible only with  nearby partners.

In Green Box “Made in Italy” is more than a simple sentence: it is a way of being.

GREEN BOX  is more than answers.

Respect for the environment?

If you care for your planet and expect your system to be extremely efficient with the minimum pollution …

GREEN BOX provides environmental friendly technology.

High global COP for your system:Higher efficiency, higher energy savings.

Because GREEN BOX is more than answers.

If you care for your planet and want your system to be extremely efficient  and free of polluting  agents….

“We have not inherited the Earth from our parents. We have borrowed it from our sons”.

How many times have we heard these sentences ?
Green Box has installed a photovoltaic plant on its roof ro reduce pollution.
With its range of products Green Box gives answers to those companies that require partners at the top of ecological sensibility.

Green Box is more than answers.

Complete solutions?

If you are looking for a new complete system but your preference is for a one stop shop and single partner to expertly design a reliable system for you…

GREEN BOX can design the complete system.

GREEN BOX, can in fact, develop the complete system for you.

Because GREEN BOX is more than answers.

If you need a complete new plant and you prefer to have a single partner, without wasting time searching for reliable and qualified installers or a contrator…

The success of a project depends on many variables but, first of all, on having a team of  professional people working with the same target.

One winning point of  Green Box is cooperating with many professional people all around the  world.
Through this network we can ensure to reach the goal and provide a comprehensive solution.

GREEN BOX is more than answers.


Customized design and build to suit your specific requirements and fully integratable in your system …

GREEN BOX designs and customizes on your specific needs.

Tailor-Made Solutions, standard and custom units for optimum efficiency, reliability, performance and return of investment …

Because GREEN BOX is more than answers.

If you need a special unit, specifically intended to meet your needs and to be included in your existing plant…

A wide range of products is not sufficient.

Nowadays, more than in the past, customisation can  be the right  way of answering to the client’s needs, designing and manufacturing products focused on the particular application.

Our approach to be partner and not just suppliers convinces our clients to contact us to be supported in finding the best solution for their cooling necessities and this convinces ourselves that this is the best approach.

GREEN BOX is more than answers.

The right product for you?

If you are looking for a refrigeration system, chillers or temperature controllers ideally suited for your company…

GREEN BOX provides a wide range of products.

Products designed and manufactured to give the best results in terms of capacity, dimensions, performance and energy efficiency. Solutions that anticipate your needs.

Because GREEN BOX is more than answers.

If you are looking for a refrigeration system, chillers or temperature controllers ideally selected  for your company…

Selecting a cooling unit/system should never be a compromise between the supplier range and the customer needs.

This choice, in the long term, often leads to oversized systems and additional energy demand and costs.
Green Box, from the beginning of its history, decided to offer a wide range of products, more than the equivalents of the other competitors, both as type and power range. This choice gives more internal work but has proved to give a much better service to the client.

GREEN BOX is more than answers.

System analisys?

If you experience problems or have concerns with your system and would like friendly expert advice and analysis that offers you the best solution to optimise the performance and reduce energy consumption …

GREEN BOX provides its competence and experience.

GREEN BOX, can in fact, check your system, Understand your target and propose a specific solution.

Because GREEN BOX is more than answers.

If  something is not perfect in your system and you want to carefully explore to find a better solution and optimize performance and energy consumption…

The right product is not the only item that states the success of a choice.

Even a very good product, installed in an inferior system with energy losses or even only not optimized for the application, cannot hit the target.
Green Box knows perfectly these requirements. Green  Box, therefore, can offer the right product, investigate the system and suggest, eventually, the appropriate modifications, taking charge of finding the best partners to complete the system in the optimum way.

GREEN BOX is more than answers.

Worldwide service?

If your system requires special maintenance, at any time and anywhere …

GREEN BOX provides technical support through its internal engineers and local companies.

You can rely on GREEN BOX, a leader in the field of refrigeration and temperature control solutions: Professional, experienced internal engineers and local companies directly trained through specialised courses.

Because GREEN BOX is more than answers.

If your system requires special maintenance, at any time and anywhere …

Even the best unit requires maintenance.

Green Box has built up an internal and external organization to provide quick and professional after sales support worldwide, through reliable partners that increase our confidence.
The  same confidence that we transfer to our clients.
This support is available both for regular and special maintenance.

GREEN BOX is more than answers.

Immediate response?

If you have no time to waste and need a quick answer concerning a solution and quotation for a new machine or system …

GREEN BOX answers in 48 hours

When the target is clear and the required information is complete, GREEN BOX gives a complete and precise response in 48 hours.

Because GREEN BOX is more than answers.

If  you cannot waste time and need immediate answers about timing and costs of the units and plant….
Today time moves faster than in the past.
All the projects need that answers come at the expected  time. This depends on the suppliers and the external partners response : Green Box knows  this.
This is the reason why Green Box internal organisation is devoted to provide technical and commercial answers quickly and comprehensively.

Green Box is  more than answers.

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A story made in Italy

1991 Foundation

1991 Foundation

Since 1991, Green Box, founded by engineers with extensive experience, has been applying thermodynamics to plastic material processing. The company started its development path from the domestic market, quickly establishing itself with a modular series of industrial chillers, to expand shortly afterwards at an international level.



Since its foundation, Green Box has constantly sought engineering solutions aimed at manufacturing more and more efficient machines. In these years, the Fluid Cooler represented a highly innovative solution that, thanks to the technology used, allowed for high energy savings, thus becoming a benchmark for the market. Amongst other things, it offers a series of TEMPERATURE CONTROLLERS with a non-ferrous circuit, reversible pump suitable for depression operation, high cooling power (TB-S with resistance, TB-M, TB-D, double zone temperature controller and TB-P with pressurised water) and develops multi-zone temperature controllers suitable for extrusion and thermoforming sectors. In order to keep up with the growth and development of the company, it is based in the current production site that covers over 4,800 m2 on an area of 11,000 m2.



Green Box has not, however, restricted production to stand-alone machines expanding its expertise over the years to plant applications, looking for the most advanced engineering solutions in plant design and construction. The customer has always been the core of every activity of the company. Aware of the great changes taking place in the market, Green Box has adopted new procedures and integrated its services to offer customers high-value responses, consistently with its “more than answers” motto. During these initial years, a revolutionary device, which is one of a kind, dedicated to cap cooling was produced: the CAP COOLER. It also extended the range of chillers by including the S series, with high power screw chillers, thus creating a new range of modular chillers with power up to 457 kW in versions with medium and low temperatures, with in-built pump and tank, MR-H MR-M series and designed a highly efficient adiabatic misting system that enables free cooling even at higher ambient temperatures.

2010 – 2015

2010 – 2015

The company pays great attention to energy saving and the environment: for this reason, in 2010, Green Box installed a photovoltaic system architecturally integrating it in the plant cover, with an estimated production of 200 KWP which fully meets the company energy requirements. In 2011, the company launched a project to expand and rearrange the production area and offices with a lean approach. In 2012, a complete series of machines dedicated to cap treatment was presented for the first time: from pneumatic transport to cooling, orientation and quality control. The assembly of machines dedicated to caps is called CAPBOX. That same year, PICOBOX was also created, which was a novelty and unique on the market: a pressurised water thermo-chiller (below the press), designed to provide a wide temperature range (+5°C 140°C) and extremely compact in size. In these years, the MR-H/FC/INVERTER chiller was also launched with the latest technologies on the market in order to emphasise Green Box’s constant focus on energy-saving solutions.  

2015 – Today

2015 – Today

In 2015, two new series of temperature controllers were launched: range of dynamic Dual T temperature controllers that use rapid alternation between cold water flows and pressurised hot water flows. range of pressurised water temperature controllers up to 180°C and 200°C In the same year, we have also revisited the production lines according to lean philosophy and invested in 3 new testing rooms: – one dedicated to large capacity chillers, – one for temperature controllers, and – one for smaller chillers. In 2016 the last testing chamber has started operating. Again in 2016 a new series of chillers with R410A, microchannel condensers and integrated free cooling has been launched. This MR series provides reduced dimensions and installation space, reduced gas charge and enhanced energy saving performance. Also the bigger chillers (MR-H/FC) have been updated in the same direction, reaching a cooling capacity of 300 kW with one single unit with integrated free cooling. Another important innovation has been completed : the Greencasting temperature controllers (GREENJET and GREENSHELL) with synchronized cooling control, specifically designed and produced for die casting applications. Last but not least, in 2017 the company has switched to a new company management software to provide a better internal performance and better and better service to the clients.


The company Green Box  is ISO 9001 certified since 2000. The adoption of a quality management system is a strategic decision by Green Box, which aims to put quality as the main tool to support corporate organization and all processes that up.

Green Box has introduced a new technology in the die-casting sector and won the third edition of the 2017 METEF Innovation Award for the plant category with its temperature controllers line. For further information, please visit the following link: