System analysis and energy saving

The concept of energy saving has always been one of the strong points of Green Box, which it has focused on from the very beginning in the development of machinery in the industrial cooling sector according to criteria of maximum operating efficiency and energy saving.

As a result of its experience and know-how in industrial cooling processes, Green Box is able to offer systems for new cooling systems (dedicated or centralised) and solutions that optimise and improve existing systems in terms of energy saving.

Every company has its story and its needs, and it is for this reason that Green Box wants to offer itself to each customer personally in order to provide the best solution for their requirements. Whether it is an application for the plastic industry (injection, extrusion, blow moulding) or other sectors, our experience enables us to provide detailed analysis of all the various applications that require cooling water and, based on this, offer our best solution.

With regard to the issue of reducing energy consumption of an existing system, there are different solutions that can be implemented:

  • addition of a free-cooler to an existing line with a chiller
  • replacing an existing chiller with a more modern one that uses gas and more efficient compressors
  • separating circuits according to cooling temperature specifications for the various utilities
  • separating circuits and implementing free-coolers with fans with constant control of fan rotation
  • separating circuits and implementing free-coolers with fans with constant control of fan rotation and ecological type avoiding use of glycols (sustainable solution)

Customised solutions

When requests are made for machines that are not included in the range available, Greenbox designs and creates the product in close collaboration with its customers in order to meet their specific requirements.

Special designs or adjustment of existing products to customer requirements ensures that the solution proposed by Greenbox is always optimal in terms of operation, reliability and energy efficiency.

Design of systems

Greenbox is able to offer its customers support in designing and creating systems in which machines are installed in order to ensure perfect operation of the entire cooling and temperature control system.

The plant engineering services offered by Greenbox include:

  • Diagrams of the operating principle of the system
  • Dimensioning of pipes and other system components (pumps, valves, etc.)
  • Machine positioning diagrams on plant layouts provided by the customer
  • Complete 3D design of the system and relative supply of components