There are numerous industrial applications

that require temperature control of machines and production processes. The aim is to optimise production times, improve the quality of products, control the temperature of fluids, etc.
This is usually obtained by means of a vector fluid, which, in turn, is cooled or heated according to requirements.

The sectors, processes and machines outlined below:

  • plastic and rubber

  • biogas

  • chemistry

  • die-casting

  • mechanics

  • food

These industrial applications often have very different problems and require very specific technologies and expertise and in-depth knowledge of the process as well as thermodynamics.

Green Box boasts of twenty years’ experience in the areas mentioned by providing cooling and temperature control systems for various fluids: hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, cutting oil and emulsions, mineral or synthetic diathermic oil, water and glycol water, demineralised and/or deionised water, and air.